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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Letting Go

Letting go of a balloon

Letting go of anything or anyone takes faith. Clinging comes from fear and we can look foolish trying to get nourishment from something that is done. The current failure of the President to admit the election is over is a good example of failure to let go.

Because change is uncertain, letting go of what we know already is a challenge. If we don’t let go, we don’t grow. Stagnation as the world is changing around us is more dangerous than navigating the uncertainty of change.

Fall is a great time to learn from trees. They let go of their leaves because leaves aren’t useful when the sun’s energy is dim. There is a natural knowing that the sun will again bring energy, so letting go of leaves that are no longer useful is a matter of practicality.

We can take a lesson from Fall and eventually from Spring. If we are willing to let go of extinct realities, we can participate in the new ones that are unfolding.

What we require will come to us if we gratefully release what no longer serves us.

With love, Rosanne


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