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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Life Living

A hawk flying across the sky

The “eternal” is at work in the pastures of Florida. A relentless rhythm of Life living itself in every square inch of land, air and tree. The lowing cattle live an eternal existence that has taken place here for centuries. The names on the few street signs reflect the history of the area…SW Florida a bit inland, citrus and cattle country.

The paradox is that there is change within the sameness. The landscape evolves but the rules are the same. Everything speaks of Life’s expression, changing within eternal rhythms.. My experience is from the inside, a stillness and appreciation of light and its profound effect on the voices of the many plant forms.

Each plant takes light and expresses it in its particular way. It’s what fascinates me about Essential Oils… Each oil is the “voice” of a species expressed uniquely and eloquently. Each voice offers a special experience if we can keep a gentle hand on the tuner and listen from the core of our being.

We humans, like the plants, have unique voices to express… No one can tell us what those voices will materialize, just that it must sing with the Light of Truth like the plants sing with the Sun’s grace.

Touching that place deep within creates destiny. Simple sensory experiences aren’t enough. We are intended to create, uniquely and individually, but coming from the Great One as Love.

In the stillness of the pastures, circling upward with the hawks, grounded eternally in the cattle and exploding in the abundance of plant life, is the curriculum of creativity, a metaphor of joyful expression.

May we make this kind of living our singular mission. May we feel our presence, fully and mindfully, in this moment unfolding eternally.

With much love, Rosanne


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