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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Mystery Abounds

Praying Mantis

There is nothing new in the world, just the echo of wisdom stated and restated in a variety of traditions and languages. What is there about our thinking brains that prevents us from yielding to truths greater than those known in our very small, individual lives?

No doubt that what we see and hear enters through the filters of our insular experiences. The words we speak are a mirror of those same experiences. Despite larger visions looming, we want to exist outside of the rules of Nature that have prevailed since humans first walked the Earth. Even before humans walked the Earth.

Are we stubborn? Yes. Do we want our own unique paradigms to rule the day? Yes again. In many religious traditions we are asked to surrender, kneel or lie prostrate, as a sign that we are submitting to that which is greater, that Source of Creation to which we attach a variety of labels. Allah, God, Jehovah…you name it.

To be humble isn’t to be weak. To submit and surrender isn’t to lose. I’ve come to believe that surrender and humility are actions of alignment with Universal Wisdom. Without our willingness to be at one with all that is, we flounder alone, feeling vulnerable. We seek power by dominion over humans, animals and the planet itself. Maybe the unwillingness to lean into humility is the source of all the unrest, victimization and war we see in our world.

So, I for one surrender to principles beyond my understanding. I for one, state clearly that I’m in awe of small things such as Praying Mantises and huge things such as the Universe. Mystery abounds and I’ve come to understand that Ph.D. stands for “Please help Decipher!”

May the grace of invisible principles taught over centuries by Great Healers bring deeper vision and compassionate listening. May the words that we speak express that grace in the



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