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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Our Responsibility

What is your "why"?

What is our responsibility given all the distractions we currently have? The number one responsibility is to identify our values and not waver because everything looks a little crazy and random right now. We’re in a strange and fluid place, and those of us who believe we’re on a path striving for higher consciousness must hold the fort!

Beware of negative thinking! We need to be careful not to feel defeated by institutional narcissism. We have to participate, not withdraw, even if the elements on media and in the social order, spew ridiculous, self-serving versions of the truth.

Every negative is an invitation to go higher. When we reframe the negatives as opportunities to raise the bar with compassion, empathy and action, we become the antidote to fear driven rhetoric.

My path has been teaching, opening the doors to possibilities, trying to be discerning but not judgmental. This takes fortitude and conviction. I’m buoyed by my clients and students whose sincerity provides motivation to rise above.

What is your “why?” Without conviction we are dust in the wind. If you haven’t thought of your “why” in a while, take a little time to identify it because it’s your GPS system. What I know in my heart is, without your own motivation, you will be enslaved by someone else’s.

What is freedom anyway? There are societies that restrict freedom from the outside in. The irony is, we don’t live in one of those societies in the US, but it can become one if we each don’t identify our reasons for being.

As always, I welcome your views, your confidential dialogue… your heart song! Further, I welcome your presence in my practice to create the antidote to that which lingers as toxic and unresolved energy. We can face it all fearlessly!

With love,



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