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  • Rosanne Bostonian


creating a new password

I have a list of passwords that consists of upper case, lower case, characters, digits, schmigits and a minimum of eight figures. If I lose those papers my life is over.

I am suspicious of anything online because I am a fossil. I write actual checks and I am happy to put a stamp on an envelope and mail it. I am even happy to reconcile my checkbook by hand. No Venmo, Paypal, automatic payments. I work for what comes in and I want a multisensory experience so I know what is going out.

Someday someone will look back on the time when cars drove themselves, bills paid themselves and the weird scenario in the movie “2001 Space Odyssey” came to pass. In the movie, the computer on a space craft goes rogue and the humans are victimized by Artificial Intelligence.

I am now going to fold up my password list and stash it in my 3D planner (that I write in). My planner doesn’t remind me to look at it.

With love,

The Fossil, Rosanne


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