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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Nothing in the world we experience with our five senses is permanent, yet we long for permanence. This is both what makes us chronically insecure and simultaneously reach for what IS permanent.

The delusion that everything and everyone isn’t changing is punctuated by unwelcomed surprises. We lose a job, a relationship, a loved one. The grieving process takes us through our losses, but we soon form new attachments to the status quo. Back in our delusional security, we wait for another surprise.

The only permanence that truly exists is in the Creative Source. Before things come into the 3D world, there is constant energy waiting to manifest. The Source has no beginning and no end. Every culture has an image and a name for this Source.

Because the concept is so abstract and elusive, we try to create It in our sensory world by attaching It to situations and people. We create religion and rituals to make the intangible understandable.

The “surprises” are designed to wake us up to reach for what cannot be grasped by the five senses. The spiritual path in our lifetimes is designed to prepare us to awaken and grasp permanence not of this world.

I am working on this…

With love,



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