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  • Rosanne Bostonian

QR Codes and Other Torments

tv screen with a QR code

Anyone who has read my blogs knows that I am not kindred to technology. I just wasn’t born with that “chip!” Since all of this is unfamiliar, it causes anxiety for me (and for many others). Undaunted, I am forging forward, in a state of bewilderment and sometimes futility, to navigate. The latest mystery is the QR Code. It has shown up on boarding passes and various products. Now, however, it is on my TV screen. Lord have mercy.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. What do I scan with? Well, duh, I know it is with my phone, but do I randomly wave my phone at my TV screen? Someone is reading this blog and saying, “Google the question!” Yes, I get it, but now I’m using the devil to conquer the devil! Maybe there is poetic justice in that? I have Technology Paranoia (TP), constantly concerned that when I’m online there are lurking observers. (I made up the diagnostic category.) I recently was scammed, so my fears are well-founded and have ignited further insecurities.

I’m wondering if each of us will have our own QR Code that will serve as our signature and allow us to be admitted to classes, jobs and a variety of venues? Since we seem to have no reservations making out bodies into canvases with tattoos, why not have a Rosanne Bostonian tattoo? It’s feeling like the realm of science fiction is no longer fiction.

I recently had a student whose eyes couldn’t focus on the eText for the class. I understand that 100%. There's something about holding a book and turning the pages, writing on a piece of paper and handing in an assignment from student to teacher that feels right. I am writing that on my computer, though. ☹

With love,


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