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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Hierarchy

protective face masks

There are the masked and the maskless. But even more compelling, there is a hierarchy of those who are masked!

There are the ordinary masks, and now there is a mask that has a snorkel device on the front of it. Those individuals are above it all.

There are some playful types that wear masks with animal features on them. The mask is a snout with whiskers, or a pig nose. The common denominator among all the masked people are that they can’t make eye contact, especially with those who aren’t wearing masks. I have news for them… Eye contact doesn’t spread Coronavirus.

There is something about our species that needs to be “better than,” whether it’s politics, sports or mask wearing. We seem to stratify every category. This is why Socialism doesn’t work; we need to be better than, and be rewarded for winning, even in mask wearing.

Added to virtual work and virtual learning, social distancing is taking us WAY out of our genetic propensity to gather and socialize. I’m wondering, post Corona, whether we’ll hunger for each other’s company or get stuck in solitary confinement?

Sending love, virtually and actually,



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