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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Peace of Acceptance

Woman enjoying the sunshine

Why are all forms temporary? When we follow the transition of form to energy, we are on the Path to Enlightenment and Abundance.

There is a part of us that finds the loss of familiarity and form off-putting and disconcerting. I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling…the sense that we want our loved ones with us always and our youth not to fade. We want abundance to show itself in a material way as reassurance that our existence isn’t in vain. We foster the denial that all material form is temporary. But if we’ve done any spiritual study and believe in a Creative Force beyond the senses, we know that part of Creation is the movement from invisible energy into form, and from form back into invisible energy.

We tend to celebrate the former, but not so much the latter. So many cycles in the natural world demonstrate that both are necessary. I used to think of this in a material way, that the necessity of death and destruction was simply to make room for more Creation. Now I tend to see the disappearance of people and things as lighting a Path. This is intended to teach us what and who we truly are, i.e., physical embodiments of Creative Love. When we return to that Love gracefully and without resistance (even while we’re still in physical form), we underscore our identity as manifestations of glorious abundance. This is a paradox that troubles the mind: it seems like a contradiction that destruction on the material plane reinforces the path to abundance. But when we are closer to the Creative Source, connected to Universal Energy, we are closer to abundance in every way.

Coming to this realization means letting go of the most basic notions we’ve come to believe about who we are and what Life is. It allows us to make every stage of our lives an opportunity to embrace abundance showing itself as this moment and these conditions. Accepting this can lead us to gratitude and the peace of acceptance. And it can fuel enthusiasm and defeat futility and depression.

Let’s try to move with the tides of change and not resist. Changes embraced and blessings multiplied!

With love,



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