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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Thought Hoarding

a tree surrounded by water and clouds

You've probably come across the show "Hoarders" where people accumulate "stuff" that occupies every space in their homes. The accumulation sometimes reaches proportions that prevent the hoarder from entering a room or using their facilities. We say to ourselves "that's crazy...why would someone do that??" We'd be better off noticing our own brands of "hoarding!"

We don't all have layers of stuff that prevent us from walking into a room, but we do have piles of thoughts and experiences that prevent us from approaching each day with an open mind and an open heart. We have accumulated experiences that create biases. We enter Life living through a familiar filter that narrows possibilities. The familiar thoughts rattle around in our brains over and over again, occupying space. I call it "thought hoarding."

Life coaches and therapists try to help the TV hoarders clear space in their homes. In meditation work, people are instructed to find the space between the thoughts. Does the space between our thoughts have value, or is it simply nothing waiting to be filled with another thought? Some say the space is sacred...that what is most authentic is waiting to manifest in it.

As in all things, awareness opens the door to possibilities.

With love, Rosanne


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