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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Through Us, Not From Us

pink smoke and grey frame floating

What I have come to understand is that everything our senses experience has come through us, not from us. In other words, the material world is already created, so its slow vibration is only the reflection of highly potent “pre-manifested energy.” So, if what is already out there, people, animals, things, isn’t a “source,” what is?

The famous tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, was asked “What does it feel like to sing like that?” He said (paraphrase) “You fall backwards into the arms of God and the voice comes through you, not from you.” Of course, he tuned his “instrument” over his lifetime and created a sacred, vibrational alignment to express his gift.

Our biggest mistake as humans is to seek from the material level what can only come through us from the Invisible where all things originate. This leads to chronic frustration and disappointment. It leads to overconsumption and serial relationships in search of that “special thing, or that special one.” The most inspiration exists before a song, a relationship, a painting, a book comes into manifestation. There are unique gifts waiting to be expressed through each of us. We must find the alignment with the Invisible asking to be manifest through each of us to avoid the addiction to things and to other people.

In faith and stillness, clearing the pathways of awareness and receptivity, may each of us overcome our addictions to that which is in the world and reach for that which is not of this world.

With love,



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