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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Welcome Spring!

Cherry Blossom trees

If there was ever a Spring that was welcome it is this one. The earthly rhythms that green the bare ground and stark branches are a demonstration of hope fulfilled.

As we watch our fellow humans in “power,” polarize each other, the expressions of Life around us whisper, the truth still abides even if you are distracted. The rain still softens the earth, the blossoms create fruit, the cycle of life is expressed beyond the human voice.

I confess there are two themes that make me lurch for the remote; victims of cruelty (human or animal) and political discourse. My filters are damaged from The Trifecta (see an earlier blog), so whatever is out there gets in here unedited.

Outright victimization and its randomness is a product of unconsciousness and the inability to see us all as interdependent and worthy of concern and love.

Political discourse, is the zero-sum game of “If I am right (and I am), you have to be wrong.” These personalities run from pompous to saccharine, but the majority tend to wax self-righteously from the ego platform.

I just thought of another remote lurcher; reality shows. Keeping Up with the Kardashians makes my Armenian ancestors gag on their baklava. Of all the self-absorbed, superficial, inane groupings of people, (ahem)… ok, enough.

Back to Spring. The reason we all attune to Nature is that the energy vibe is like a reboot. It’s an awakening. May we all awaken to humility and hope. May we feel compassion for ourselves and others (even the Kardashians).

With love,



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