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  • Rosanne Bostonian

What do you believe about yourself?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


Also known as our “stories,” our beliefs about ourselves can become indelible tattoos of limitation.

Burdened by our conditioning and childhood vulnerabilities many of us live entire lives never flying free…never truly becoming the transparency, the portal through which Grace can shine through us into our Earthly stint as material beings. What a challenge it is to see through the opaqueness of our experiences and lengthen our focus to what lies beyond our conditioning in an elusive but sacred place.

In allegories, every culture alludes to something beyond the material plane. Locked in our senses and experiences it requires transcendence, the “third eye” that sees beyond our conditioning, to lift what feels like a ceiling unto the Heavens. Altering the core around which our identity is built feels like the death of the familiar “me.” If there was ever an act of faith, it’s making that shift. Without it, we stay trapped in the cocoon forever the caterpillar, never flying in our full colors.

So what do you believe about yourself? Are you guilty or shameful? Are you anxious, poised for some event that occurred at one time, unlikely to occur again? Are you projecting unfinished business from early family dynamics onto every relationship going forward? Is that all you can be in this lifetime?

It sounds fairly clear and simple, but moving off of certainty to that which is uncertain (even if it’s better) challenges the equilibrium. What an act of courage it takes to contemplate having lived in an hypnotic trance of false identity for our entire lives! Some of you will read that and be perplexed. You are convinced that the story you’ve lived is the ultimate truth. What if it were just a fabrication, a figment that can be rewritten at any time? Would we finally be free, finally flowering and bursting forward from a tight bud to full expression?

The thought of freeing ourselves from limitations is exciting. The fortress of fear, initially designed to protect us, becomes the prison of limitation. How amazing to discover that the key is on the inside, not on the outside…that we can leave the prison of limitation once we realize that.

I wish for all of us the vision to see beyond what appears as limitation and dissolve it with the Love of possibilities and the Faith of full expression. May we each be free and turn the key that opens the door to peace and fulfillment.

With much love,


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