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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Stupid Trumps Smart

Maybe you’ll agree with me when I share that the smartest phone can’t make up for stupid. I’m not talking about “ignorant,” or not knowing. I speak of “stupid,” which according to my definition is persistently pretending we know something when we don’t. Life is about expanding our vision and using our tools to do so. To narrow our vision to a tiny screen and the prattle of others doing the same is to say the least, limiting.

Those of us who are moored to our iPhones can’t imagine a time when there was one black phone with a dial that sat on a table in one’s home. Furthermore, it’s impossible to imagine the “party line” which was shared with neighbors. You would pick up your phone and if someone was already speaking, you knew it was your neighbor. You politely laid the phone back on the cradle and waited your turn, not feeling entitled to immediate gratification. Somehow we survived. We had less opportunity to share what was probably better off unshared. Much less “stupid.”

I just reread what I wrote and I sound like an old fossil. Apologies, but haven’t you gotten tired of Facebook, Twitter, Pinter-and the rest? It feels like everyone has unscrewed the tops of their heads and all the unfiltered drivel is spilling out like a psychotic tsunami.

If the saying “less is more,” was ever validated, it is with the multitudes of thought forms, unedited and spewing out into cyberspace. Maybe I should follow my own advice and stop right here.

With love,


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