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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Allow stillness to feed your creativity

Allow stillness to feed your creativity. Only in the quiet moments will your ideas gel and take root.

-Praying Mantis

I’m a fan of animal totems. The Native Americans believed that each animal carried its own energy and appreciating the symbolism of animals brought them closer to inner wisdom and peace.

Yesterday there was a Praying Mantis inside my front door jam. I gently took it outside and placed it on the bricks in front of my house. Today the insect reappeared, this time on the screen of my front window. It was cold and nasty out, so I brought it inside. It is now residing in a Tupperware container in my kitchen.

Since those who know me realize that I try to learn from every event, large or small, I Googled “animal totems praying mantis” and received the wisdom I’ve posted above. The persistence of the Praying Mantis, reappearing as it did… well, I couldn’t ignore it!

In an effort to make our lives fulfilling and meaningful, we get busy and keep busy. I’m teaching, doing my essential oil business and doing a Reiki practice. I have peaceful moments, but not enough of them. I tend to anticipate the “next thing,” and in an effort to be proactive I can crowd out my still, quiet voice. That’s the voice within each of us that whispers truths that often get drowned out by noise and movement.

It hasn’t helped that my dog is having cancer treatments and one of my cats needs a colonoscopy. (Seeing that in writing, the colonoscopy, is a little strange.) Things happen that become priorities and fill the space within with thoughts and intentions.

My friend, the Praying Mantis, has reminded me that it’s time to reel it in a bit and let the dust settle. I will free the little guy tomorrow, since I’ve learned what he came to teach me. Maybe you won’t need a visit if you read this post!

With love,


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