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  • Rosanne Bostonian

R.I.P. – Mickey Mantis

If you’ve been following my blogs you know that I was visited by a Praying Mantis that I named “Mickey.” (I’ve always been a Yankee fan and always will be!) Seeking advice from my local Petco, I created a Mantis Spa, complete with vegetation and live prey. Alas, Nature rules the day despite a human’s best intentions.

Mickey’s job was to find a safe spot to deposit her egg case. She did so, producing a “whipped cream” mound that hardened into a protective structure about two days after she arrived.

Several days after producing the egg case, I found her in the vegetation having completed her life cycle. I’m amazed at how moved I was. I had been fascinated, watching her small triangular head follow my movements, and sparring with her through the glass of the terrarium. The whole episode was a humbling glimpse into the efficiency of Nature, the endless cycle of Life.

So now there is the egg case. Mantises produce from 50 to 200 babies… I’m watching to see the culmination of the story, not sure if the egg case is still viable. Mickey received a proper burial… Am I too sentimental? (Smiling)

Probably due to our incredibly advanced brains, we see ourselves as separate from the Natural Order. It’s no accident that we are refreshed and energized by walks in the woods and strolls on the beach. The rhythms of Nature guide every form of life, including humans. When the rules are violated, such as genetic alteration of foods, excessive use of antibiotics and use of artificial household products, we suffer.

Quietly, inexorably, the rules of Nature prevail whether we are aware of them or not. My choice is to be more aware… How about you?

With love,


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