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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Last Leaf on the Tree and Gratitude

As the Fall winds down we’ve seen the process of transformation in the trees around us. One of the most interesting things I learned as a biology major was the fact that the colors we see in Fall were there all the time, masked by the chlorophyll created to build food for the tree. When the Sun recedes into the Winter sky, the tree no longer creates chlorophyll and the hidden colors are revealed. There is a lot going on behind what our senses can pick up.

Like the trees, we each have our hidden brilliance and I hope that revealing it doesn’t wait for the next lifetime! What keeps us from showing our colors, our authentic selves? Fear of rejection, of showing all that we are and having it not be good enough?

The last leaf on the tree... Does it hold tight because it fears the long drop to Earth? Does it deny the approaching Winter? When we maintain our tight grip past beliefs, our obvious green, we fail to show our deeper colors and we panic over the periods when our “branches” can look a little bare.

As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s be grateful for all of it… green, colors and leafless branches. Let’s embrace every bit of life with open hearts and the knowledge that the Spring will come again as will the transformations that allow us to look deeper, past the obvious.

Joyous Thanksgiving to you, dear friends.

With love, Rosanne

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