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  • Rosanne Bostonian

“Shock – Rah!!”

Many of you who study energy work know that there are said to be energy centers in the body called “chakras.” For those who are new to these ideas, there are many chakras, but the major ones are the root, the sacral plexus, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown (seven in all). If you google the word “chakras,” you will come up with teachings and new ways of looking at our bodies, which after all are energetic systems.

When I coined “Shock-Rah,” it came from my sense that we can stagnate and our energy can remain passive and stuck. Sometimes we are too fixed in our vibrational positions to allow the energy to flow freely through our bodies. That’s where we can manifest dis-ease, or a condition of imbalance. Reiki and pure essential oils are methods, along with many others, that intends to remove blocks to free energy flow and allow the body to operate in a healthy, balanced way.

Unfortunately, we sometimes require a “shock” to the system to awaken to our imbalances and blockages. These shocks could be mood issues, physical symptoms or a general state of not-wellness. The body wants to operate smoothly, but let’s face it, our Western style of living is a pretty stressful caldron of demands on a daily basis.

No one chooses health shocks (signs that we haven’t served our energetic bodies as well as they have tried to serve us). But when they occur, masking them can only be a temporary remedy. Getting to the energetic root of the request the body is making requires attunement and awareness.

The “Rah” in “Shock-Rah” refers to joy in realizing that we have another chance to listen. Hopefully we tune in to the body’s claim and respond compassionately to its need for attention and conscious caring.

There is an Eastern saying, “In the first half of life your face belongs to God, in the second half of life your face belongs to you.” Our bodies take on our state of our awareness. Even the smile sends different messages to the brain than a frown does.

So let’s be conscious of the subtle flow of energy in the body and be with Nature, surround ourselves with positivity and manifest wellness in our thoughts and choices. I wish this for you…an early New Year’s Resolution.

With love, Rosanne

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