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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Turning the Page

I’ve been carrying two planners around for the last several weeks. Now it’s time to file the 2015 planner and literally “turn the page.”

The clean, unlived days and months of 2016 loom as an uncertain invitation. What will 2016 bring? None of us know.

We will have a presidential election, Lord have mercy. The strategizing and posturing are wearing me out, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Ideas are nothing if they aren’t propelled by principle. Advanced by ego, it doesn’t matter what the idea may be; it will produce a predictable outcome.

We have extremists who hold us in contempt. If you scan through the offerings of Western culture and juxtapose them to the very restrictive laws of some religions, you can understand the contempt those people must have for our ways. With our values universalized by social media, conservative types must not feel safe. Feeling unsafe makes us afraid. Fear makes us respond in anger.

Those unlived days in the 2016 planner are yet to be created. What will we bring to those days? How will we fill that planner with good news? That is something to ponder over this transition into the New Year. May we bring thoughtful willingness to serve the best that there is with the best within us.

A blessed and fulfilling New Year...

With much love, Rosanne

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