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  • Rosanne Bostonian

We are all made of stardust… Valentine’s Day Special

It’s Valentine’s Day, when “special ones” are being appreciated and love is celebrated. I’ve been noticing lately that everyone welcomes humor and a smile and that the difference between special ones and “others” is negligible.

I was at the market today and saw a picture of Donald Trump on the cover of the News made up as a clown. A total stranger (if there is such a person) was walking by and I held up the paper. We both cracked up, and that was it… a moment shared with someone I may never see again.

If you and I were marooned on an island, we would soon figure out that we were BFFs and would cooperate and survive together. The Earth is an island in space…we are all marooned on it. The idea that we have to torment each other seems absurd. It makes more sense to figure out how to understand and express love in a more universal way

Romantic love is what confuses people. I think of it as the kindling wood that burns brightly and quickly, but has to ignite the big logs of companionship, deep commitment and devotion to endure. No doubt, romance is delightful and not to be minimized in any way. But there is a more general romantic feeling to simply being alive, conscious and sharing the common thread, a oneness of being.

Eons ago there was an explosion, The Big Bang (the event, not the sitcom!) The matter from which we are all created was in existence then and has just taken different forms since. Just on our island, Earth, think of the number of forms matter takes!

So…we are all made of the same stuff. As one stardust sculpture to another, may universal love fill every cell of your being and every day of your life. May gratitude for being win the day!

With love, Rosanne

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