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  • Rosanne Bostonian


The image of Mary holding the crucified body of her Son is a riveting metaphor. The Pieta sculpture is mesmerizing because it represents the ability to love that which appears hopelessly damaged. But the other side of the coin is Life Everlasting in the Resurrection.

I was thinking about our fragility and how worthy of compassion we are. Instead of cutting ourselves a break, we harbor a tirade of criticism on the tips of our tongues for ourselves and each other. We deserve better. Having an unlimited imagination in a time-limited body is pretty daunting when you think about it. If it wasn’t for a healthy dose of denial, I think we’d all be in the Funny Farm.

I remember reading “Conversations with God” in which the author asks God why He created Heaven and Earth. My recollection is that God said that potential, the unformed, isn’t complete unless it is expressed. Here we are, temporary expressions of that very abundance.

I’ve written in the past about “dying daily,” a wisdom shared by the great Joel Goldsmith. If we are holding on to what we were, our old ideas and treasures, we are energetically squashed.

What I’m hoping to accomplish in this lifetime is easily letting go. That would mean letting go of who I’ve been, what I think I need, and what I believe is the truth. If I can do that, the truth will appear and it won’t have to squeak through a pinhole of requirements I’ve pinned on it.

This is the season of possibilities. The secret of life has been hidden in the barren trees all winter. Spring is getting ready to fulfill its promise and explode in color and glory. I hope we all follow suit and do the very same thing.

With love,


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