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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Foot Reflexology

I promise I don’t have a foot fetish, but if there’s a diagnostic category that isn’t quite as kinky, I’d be there. I am studying Foot Reflexology and will be adding it to the services I provide to clients in the near future.

There is a mini-you mapped out on the bottom of your feet. It’s referred to as a homunculus, or a “little man.” As it turns out, the meridians (10 in all) run the entire length of the body, so stimulating zones on your tootsies actually goes much further than just feeling heavenly. It actually impacts the entire body.

I’ve been enjoying this modality as a recipient over many years. I have never (and I repeat NEVER) been as relaxed and clear as I am after these treatments. It’s as if the practitioner hits a “reset button” that sets things back in balance.

I’ve actually had mini-vacations on the table, feeling like I’ve been somewhere else and returned reluctantly at the end of the session. Stay tuned for more feedback regarding adding this service to my Reiki protocol. Should I call it “R & R with R?” (Reflexology and Reiki with Rosanne :)

We are all operating so far out of the healthy zone of work and rest. It seems to be that work, more work and in our spare time, work, is the protocol for every day. It’s like walking up the down escalator. There never seems to be enough progress to justify the extreme effort.

The paradox is to slow down, not speed up. I feel as if “more becomes less,” less efficiency, less enjoyment and less fulfillment.

Ponder this and think about your amazing feet. They have taken you through every step of your life, sometimes in shoes that were stylish, but hurt like H---. They are your connection to the Earth and they contain the seeds of consciousness for your entire being. They need more than an occasional pedi… and so do you.

With love,


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