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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Vicious, Vulgar and Violent

Eric Thayer for The New York Times

The recent global and national scenes feel like some kind of evil spirit has been set loose. It’s as if this mess was held back over centuries of human existence by religion, social order and family values, but now the dam has finally broken. All the vitriol and darkness in human nature is up close and personal.

Wars have occurred in the past, and barbaric and violent ones at that. It seems that we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Nothing basic has been corrected in small adjustments over centuries, so now we are being asked to weather the Big One, the huge correction. I believe that when we don’t learn as either individuals or as societies, Universal Intelligence has to be all the more persistent and bold for us to realign our nature and recalibrate our direction.

Modern technology is part of the vetting device that lets no one get away with anything. It’s hard for any of us to deny where we are politically, socially and globally because we see it all in real time. Here come the Mayans again and the collapse of the space-time continuum. We can’t hide from the ugliness.

But here is the good news, and we certainly need some… When humanity is threatened with extreme consequences, we may actually stop being unconscious and wake up. In extreme corrections and the stress involved in making them, are the seeds of profound change.

I’ll digress to the Presidential campaign. I congratulate Donald Trump on his complete transparency. Although some of his ideas have merit, his bloated ego and rash, reactive temperament are major “corrections” to the phoniness and secrecy of our political scene. It’s actually grotesque at times, but his supporters are reacting to feeling duped and cheated. Their anger is so deep, they can ignore the bizarre nature of his presentation because there is absolutely no cover up. It’s simultaneously a horror show and a relief to hear his complete honesty.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, still dwells in the place of secrecy and back rooms. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have been a woman in the world of politics with THAT husband, THAT set of rules and THAT kind of brokering needed to get things done. When our good intentions are compromised by corrupt practices, we don the garb of the wrong-doer.

Our American Experiment was based on having to balance individual rights with group loyalties. This is a balance that has clearly shifted dramatically toward each individual playing the game to win. This despite the consequences on others.

We need to self-examine. We need to dig deep into our own souls and make our individual corrections, because this world is our mirror.

Still hoping,


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