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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Olympics

Probably the most inspirational, innocent gathering of humanity has occurred in the Olympic Games. It’s the one time everyone joins and celebrates our youth, vigor and competitive spirit. Of course, the doping, violence and small scandals have cast a pall over the games at times, but mostly we’ve joined together with the world in a happy dance.

Now we come to Rio. Have you seen pictures of the disgusting human sewerage being pumped out of the city into the waterways that are supposed to provide venues for the water sports? Rio is unprepared, financially unable to provide all the services necessary, such as transportation and lodging. I’m wondering about their commitment to security.

As if we needed another reminder of the need for strict self-monitoring, the International Olympic Committee has provided an effective mirror. Wasn’t there some sort of time table for getting this process under way? Was there a Plan B if the host city screws up?

Knowing the conditions down there, “Did anyone get the big payoff for awarding Rio the honor of hosting the Olympic Games?” Cynical me.

If all the water sports are performed with nose plugs and hazmat suits, I will completely understand. Sigh…

With disbelief (and also love),


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