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  • Rosanne Bostonian


I was speaking to a friend about his intrigue with “patina” on furniture and building materials. Patina is the signs of weathering that give wood, metal and objects character. It’s considered desirable to show that the item isn’t newly manufactured and in fact, has been around for a while.

Of course, my mind went to patina in the human condition. Why isn’t it desirable to look like we’ve been around the block a few times? Why should we all look like fresh-faced newbies?

Maybe it’s capitalism… the encouragement to “get a new model” to drive the economy. We generalize the concept that new must be better. So new people must be better too.

I think most of us feel like new earthsuits would be more serviceable and less demanding that the older models. With new earthsuits comes the reality of cluelessness, and most of us wouldn’t envy that part of the deal, not to mention the trials and tribulations needed to breathe some wisdom into the callow mind.

Here’s my suggestion; aging is just “patina.” It’s a sign that we’ve been there, done that and hopefully have reached a peaceful place of self-acceptance. I plan to wear my patina with pride because I’ve earned it! (Not to say there isn’t some wrinkle crème in my medicine cabinet… I’ll call that “artistic license!”)

With love,


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