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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Love is Energy

There are two kinds of energy, potential and manifest. Before you think this is going to be boring, bear with me!

Potential energy is waiting to be expressed. If it waits too long it stagnates and if it stagnates in our bodies it creates dis-ease. (That’s not a typo!)

When energy is freed to move, it is manifested. It can be manifested through intentions, meaning “If I have an idea and I put it into motion, I’m freeing up energy.”

Money is energy in material form. It waits to be freed to create opportunities, experiences and sustenance. Saving is great, but dying with stagnated energy in the bank probably isn’t the best idea. Bequeathing the fruits of labor for the next generation to use isn’t a bad plan, but using money to do good works is a great idea.

Physical movement frees energy. Our jobs keep us seated a lot of the time. Stagnated sitting creates pain in the low back and digestive issues. Take it from me after years of sitting in the therapist’s chair!

What I experience in Reiki and Reflexology practice is the movement of energy in clients who rise from the table feeling cleared and rebooted. Therapeutic essential oils do the same clearing. Even moderate movement frees up energy.

Love is the purest energy and can be expressed interpersonally, in work and in everything we do. If expressing love is the intention, the actions that come from it will bring positive change.

Move your booty! Don’t ruminate in your head! Have the intentions of embodying love energy and freeing potential energy every chance you get. You will bring light into your world…

With love, Rosanne

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