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  • Rosanne Bostonian

E Pluribus Unum


The literal interpretation of “E Pluribus Unum” is one out of many. Politically and personally we need to understand that the concept of oneness outweighs diversity. Not accidentally, this is a driving concept in Nature and spiritual life as well.

The higher we evolve, the more oneness we experience with each other, with Nature and with the natural order of Life unfolding. A sense of separation from each other and from Nature mirrors our separation from an overriding Truth: that the degree of our separation from oneness causes suffering.

“Us versus them” is alive and well in America. “Me first” at a cost to others fuels violence generation after generation. There are Syrian immigrants in the deserts of the Middle East one hundred years after my Armenian relatives suffered the same fate in the same region.

All the colors of the rainbow originate in white light. When that light hits a crystal, it fragments into a diverse rainbow. Focusing on the differences in hue is interesting, but the origin of that diversity is white light. Nature knows what humans forget. I hope this blog is a small reminder…

With love, Rosanne

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