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  • Rosanne Bostonian

When No One is Watching…

choose your life

Our values show themselves when the audience isn’t around.

I’m teaching a course (Human Relations) in which a central theme is what motivates us. Kids are taught (if they’re lucky) by parents who hold values and reward or punish their kids accordingly. If we mature, we learn to internalize our values, and we don’t need external responses to validate them.

Are we performing for an audience over a lifetime? With empathy, we are concerned about our effects on others, but being a people pleaser places our fate in the hands of others. If you haven’t noticed, most people are operating on their own agendas, so pleasing people without consciousness can get us lost.

All the current material about mindfulness and consciousness… What it means is living intentionally, with clear values and purpose. This shows itself in what we do when no one is watching, when we’re getting no credit or blame for our actions.

A thoughtful examination of what drives our choices, and a mindful reflection on the impact of those choices, keeps us on a meaningful path.

With love,


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