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  • Rosanne Bostonian

From Miss to Ma’am

Crown Chakra

Somewhere in the obscure timeline of life, people stopped calling me Miss and started calling me Ma’am. I don’t remember when this happened, but it may be around the same time that I noticed that a birthmark on my cheek had migrated south. It was now closer to my jaw line.

Denial doesn’t change the fact that time passes and it writes its story on our faces as well as in our hearts and minds. As someone who tends not to look in the rearview mirror of my life, and who tries as best I can to stay present, sometimes I’m surprised to see that the road behind me is longer than the road ahead.

The word “crone” as in “Old Crone,” has been used to describe older women and came to have a connotation of a wrinkly old dowager, humped back and with a bitter expression. The actual word “crone” is derivative of “crown,” meaning that there is supposed to be wisdom and ascendance in those of us who have lived longer. The crown of enlightenment dons the heads of Saints and Angels as an aura. The opening of the Crown Chakra is supposed to indicate a servant to a higher dimension doing his or her work in the world.

All of that said, I will gladly accept “Ma’am,” and do my best to be that servant in any way possible. This is our legacy, to run our leg of the race with grace and gratitude, and hand the baton off at the end of our day.

With love,


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