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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Love…the Verb

Love is the Energy of Life

The energy of Love has to be taken into action now more than ever. We must love, love and love some more. The proprietary sense of what loving is, only between two people, family members, or those we already know, forms status of “worthy and unworthy.” Everything and everyone is worthy. The Love of which I write consists of forgiveness, generosity of spirit, non-judgment and mindful open-heartedness.

When you have this feeling, many opportunities open up to express it. It can be a small squirrel doing its daily activities, a bird migrating, the timing of the trees dropping leaves, that may evoke a deep sense of appreciation for the intrinsic harmony of Nature. It may be someone walking their dog, herding their children who are scattering in several different directions, it can be through work that Love comes alive. However it appears, it will open your heart and make you a healer.

Love is the nourishment of the Spirit…when it is activated purposefully and mindfully. Only then are we the instruments of its expression rather than those who hold it as a material possession. Only then is every expression and act of appreciation a connection to Universal Abundance.

With activated Love!

Rosanne Bostonian

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