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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Family of the Heart

Family of the heart

Amazing humans we are! We’ve figured out ways to trace our DNA history and get to know our genetic ancestors. There are options now to send a cheek swab to the lab and figure out where our ancestors came from. We get to write our own sequels to the famous Alvin Haley book “Roots.”

Don’t tell anyone (ahem), but the previous generation can be both blessing and challenge. If we’re fortunate, those relationships are authentic and filled with gratitude. The fact is that some of those relationships are challenging and not what we would choose if they weren’t blood relations.

No worries, because we can create a Family of the Heart. Some members of our blood clan can occupy that precious circle, while others are “ceremonial family members,” worthy of respect and a type of love. But those we consciously choose on our Path are often a better match to our spirit than those we were assigned through ancestry.

Family of the Heart consists of our brothers and sisters of destiny. They are those who mirror the most authentic spirit within us. They are those who open our hearts and keep them open.

They know us in a deep way. They accept us unconditionally. Occupying this blessed circle are humans and sometimes our furry companions. Regardless of what family-of-origin experiences we have had, Family of the Heart sustains, elevates and brings love into our daily experience.

Keep creating your “family” without genetic bias and with gratitude and (of course)…

With love, Rosanne Bostonian

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