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  • Rosanne Bostonian

If it Feels Good…

A cup of coffee - with cream!

Sometimes I wish I lived in a world where, “If it feels good, do it.” If you live in such a world, you’re either a member of another species, you’re very young, or you’re addicted to something that will lead you to an organization ending in -A.

Balancing an immediately “feel good” life with one that works in the long run isn’t easy. There are a trillion little decisions that will shift the balance one way or another.

Take my morning coffee. I could drink it black (ugh), or I could put in skimmed milk (ugh). I choose to use light crème and (I confess) a plume of whipped crème. I rationalize that I use Stevia, the best of the calorie free sweeteners, but my arteries may not care!

I could have oatmeal for breakfast (minor ugh), or I could grab a breakfast sandwich (yippee). Small issues you say? Not so much as I review my Boston Heart Report bloodwork showing an increase in LDL, the icky, sticky cholesterol that requires Roto Rooter to clear the arteries.


Then there is the “no pain no gain” part of the equation. Exercise keeps the body young. No one mentioned that to my body that begs for mercy during my workouts. I think “this is my penance for putting pleasure into my morning coffee!”

So, there we have it, “what feels good is bad, and what feels bad is good.” I’ll spend some time on the “feel good = good, feel bad = bad,” to buoy up my spirits!

With love, Rosanne

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