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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Teaching from the Heart

the art of teaching

The art of teaching is more than being a purveyor of information. Maybe the trend toward distance learning, although useful for some, overlooks the organic nature of human interaction as a valuable means of heart-driven education.

In today’s classroom, engaging students is challenging. The immediacy of information transfer since the technology boom tends to make us impatient. There are no card catalogs to rifle through. There is no hunting the shelves of the library. Now we can ring up any tidbit with a few strikes of a key.

What we can’t ring up is a relationship. People try by texting, peppering in emojis, but real eye contact, real laughter, idea exchanges in real time, are all the qualities that make for a multisensory experience. What we also can’t create on line is the spontaneity of a great idea in the moment that gives a classroom experience life and depth.

We want to move faster and faster. We want to jam information into smaller and smaller spaces. It takes time to absorb, integrate and own material. I’ve asked my students to estimate how long it takes to do a quality job in all of their areas daily. The estimates run from 24 to 36 hours. This doesn’t count for sleep and we know the health risks of sleep deprivation. The 36 hour crew had better franchise themselves quickly!

Is faster always better? Getting to know someone’s heart takes time. Once the heart connection is made, the learning becomes easier. I know the teaching becomes easier too.

With love, Rosanne

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