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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Seeing Isn’t Believing

third eye

People are divided into two groups: those who must see it to believe it, and those who believe it before they see it and create it. (Reread that!)

All the amazing inventions in history came from the “great invisible” through someone’s belief in an invisible idea. Since we’re all not inventors on the grand scale, we can still live creatively by taking that principle and holding it as motivation.

This could be the vision of relationships, of a professional life, of daily life as a canvas upon which to paint a novel and mindful creation.

What interferes with this? The “obvious” intrudes upon creativity. There are material limitations that come through our senses and impair our ability to be creative. Negative thinking, poor self-esteem, discouraging people, and setbacks are all culprits that get in the way of living with an open heart. Living creatively means overcoming those obstacles with faith.

If those previously discouraging elements can be cues to look further within and overcome fear with grace and faith. Instead of waiting to see proof with our senses, curiosity and inner activity will provide our motivation.

The act of creativity isn’t reserved for artists, musicians and inventors. The “third eye,” situated in the middle of the forehead in middle eastern faiths, represents wisdom beyond the senses. We could also describe that as not needing to see it to believe it.

With love,


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