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  • Rosanne Bostonian

"Smart" Everything

Smart Car

I think those little cars that people wear are called “Smart Cars.” I guess they’re great for gas mileage since they are basically a speed bump on a roller skate.

Years ago I witnessed an accident between a Toyota Corolla and a Mercedes. Guess who came out on top!? The poor girl in the Toyota was unconscious and the woman in the Mercedes was untouched. I dread to think of the collision between a Smart Car and a Mercedes. Would look not so smart.

There are plenty of smart things these days. Smart phones, TVs you can talk to, automated everything. Even a smart toilet. I’m still trying to figure that one out… Does the toilet make comments?

Artificial Intelligence is the new direction technology is taking. Frankly, I’d like some smart politicians that have developed their personalities above the level of “pre-conventional morality.” That’s the morality of a child that says “If I’m not caught, I can do whatever…”

Are we getting dumber as everything else is getting smarter? It sure looks that way.

With love and still hopeful, Rosanne

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