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  • Rosanne Bostonian


Fall trees

This is the season of harvest, but it has a melancholy feel. The trees are tired of supporting their leafy crowns and need to go within and rest. I think we all feel that way after the well-lit months of Summer.

Creatures in Nature prepare with urgency. I’ll make sure to share a little bit with the squirrels and birds. I’m amazed that a pile of leaves in a tree is warm enough to protect the little creatures.

The tilt of the Earth creates seasons, so we are a bit further from the warmth and sustenance of the Sun. But there will be a promise kept, the Awakening in Spring.

Regardless of the chill ahead, may the warmth of gratitude embrace you. May the eternal hope of renewal lift you up. May the Light within guide your steps even in the darkness!

With love,


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