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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Reluctantly Embodied

Reluctantly Embodied

Being human isn’t easy if you hadn’t noticed!

In her book “The Highly Sensitive Person,” Elaine Aron shares that 10% of the population consists of HSPs. They are the insurance policy for humanity since they are careful and would rather be safe than sorry. They aren’t skydiving, surfing, or dating on the internet. Medications affect them differently than the rest of us. They are considered shy, sometimes antisocial and are over-diagnosed with an array of pathological labels. They are definitely “othered.”

Through history various religious explanations have surfaced for what we’re all doing here in our bodies. We know the state of embodiment is temporary, but there seems to be a universal belief that there is something that shows up as “us,” and then seems to discard the body and “go back.” I guess we could call that “disembodiment.” The mystery of life and death runs through every culture.

I’m wondering if the ten-percenters are reluctant to go through the bumpy road of life expressed in a body? We endure crazy opposites as the pendulum of experience swings (happiness/sadness, health/illness, love/hate, rich/poor, life/death… on and on.) The joy and bliss that highly evolved, spiritually aware people experience doesn’t run them ragged between opposites.

Those who are born highly sensitive have an immediate, innate understanding that the journey they’re about to experience is several notches below where they originated so they are reluctantly embodied.

This may sound too “out there” for some people, but probably not for the ten-percenters. If there’s a ten-percenter reading this, they might be saying, “Ohhh…yesss!” Maybe everyone, looking deeper into our life’s experience will say the same thing…

With love,


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