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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Dental Floss and Q-Tips

dental floss

By now you know that I believe strange questions need to be answered, and I’m officially designated to voice the quandaries. For instance, “Why is bird poop two-toned?” This was researched and answered by one of my students and shared in a previous blog.

Here is my next dilemma: “How do dental floss gadgets and Q-Tips end up in a parking lot?”

I applaud anyone who is so manic about flossing their teeth that they choose to floss on the run in a parking lot. I don’t applaud throwing the dental floss gadget for others to ponder when they’re done.

As for Q-Tips, this is more of a concern. Flossing one’s teeth is understandable (if uncouth) in a restaurant parking lot, but for the life of me I can’t picture Q-Tipping one’s ears and casting the offending instrument to the pavement. Ear hygiene on the run is a hard optic.

I’ve seen the results but not the acts, so I’m left to attribute these actions as regrettable examples of unconsciousness and preoccupation with one’s needs at others’ expense.

As I wrote that, what popped up was “These should be the only regrettable examples of unconsciousness and preoccupation with one’s need at others’ expense!”

Unfortunately…not so.

With love,


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