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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Melania Trump: Unintended Consequences

Melania Trump

As a “people watcher,” our First Lady fascinates me. What a study in unintended consequences!

I’m not overly familiar with her history, but I can’t imagine that Melania thought that marrying her husband would put her in her present position. The twist of fate that transformed the deal she struck into the deal she lives is worn on her unexpressive face. She is dutifully living out the irony, but not too joyfully. A life of ease this isn’t.

In interviews during the campaign I experienced her as mature, if resigned to dealing with the quixotic Donald. I paraphrase: “Sometimes he takes my advice, and sometimes he doesn’t.” I think most times he doesn’t.

Not an advice taker, Mr. President who characteristically follows his own insular instincts is a true head scratcher and grist for the talking heads of commentary. But to be First Lady to such a President… Oy vey!

That said, Melania is left to her statuesque presentation, maybe wondering how all of this has come to be.

This isn’t too different than any of us who wonder about the twists and turns in our own lives. Our assumptions of how things will be often turns out to be delusional. Our success and sanity depend on resiliency and weathering the winds of change.

With love,


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