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  • Rosanne Bostonian

When Fear Goes Away…

hearts & clouds, love

Fear is the legacy of primitive human survival. Our brains are wired to fear first and we are wise to heed the still, quiet voice that tells us to be aware of our surroundings.

As helpful as it is to be wary, a lifetime lived from the primitive place of fear is one that limits our development. There is a reason to be prudent, but as we mature fear can take a back seat to the joy of new discovery.

New discovery can be uncomfortable. It disrupts the predictable plateau of everyday life. Just as living in fear creates limitation, being too comfortable creates stagnation and complacency.

There’s a golden spot…not fearful and not complacent. When fear goes away, and when complacency evaporates, the place where we reside is called “love.” Love is a type of energy that welcomes life, even the uncomfortable, troubling experiences. It doesn’t purposefully avoid challenges and hide in a zone of comfort. It doesn’t recoil from disruption of the status quo.

Growing more conscious ask us to explore new vistas and provides us with the energy to overcome fear avoidance and comfort seeking as our primary motives for living.

When fear goes away, what’s left is Love.

With Love, Rosanne

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