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  • Rosanne Bostonian


packed car headed for vacation on the beach

We all look forward to vacations. I find that detaching myself from the web of obligations and daily routines is a fight to the finish! So many details… How did life get so complicated?

Of course, packing is part of the fun. Inevitably there will be forgotten items, items confiscated at check-in due to danger to self and others, clothing that fit last summer, but now not so sure. There’s no time for a parade on the runway to see which garments qualify for the current body.

In the past I’ve driven to Florida with pets in tow. I think I looked like the old show “Beverly Hillbillies” with dogs and cats protesting the whole way. The current iteration is me flying solo. Amen.

Once the vacation is over, the same routine surfaces for the journey back. I’m always surprised that the rapid pace of life in New Jersey never takes a vacation. It’s like getting on an escalator that’s moving in the opposite direction.

All told, I’m not complaining… Just feeling compassion for all that is human in 2019.

With love,


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