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  • Rosanne Bostonian

What’s True?

Obi Wan Kenobi

Is the truth a “thing,” or is it a matter of our own interpretation? If there was ever a source of disagreement (and being disagreeable) it’s our subjectively human way of defining “the truth.”

Open-mindedness requires that we’re humble enough to admit we don’t own “the truth.” Active listening means being curious about other people’s viewpoints and what is beyond an individual’s ability to own the truth.

The smarter people are, the more they realize what they don’t know! The greater the mind, the humbler a person seems to be about their particular grasp of the truth.

Curiosity compels us to explore and listen. (My 8-month-old kitten Obi Wan Kenobi models the explore part, not so much the listening!)

Why do we limit ourselves to our own viewpoints? Maybe it’s a fundamental insecurity about not knowing. We think that if we don’t “know” something bad will happen. The irony is that when we pretend that we know, but don’t…that’s when something bad happens!

Here’s to pooling our collective resources, not right-fighting and creating a mosaic that’s greater than each of us.

With love, Rosanne

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