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  • Rosanne Bostonian

The Southern Border

barbed wire at border crossing

What would it take for you to walk a thousand miles? There would have to be a damned good reason for me to put on my dancing shoes and migrate. At our southern border, the migrants come from starvation, tyranny and living conditions that make walking a thousand miles a viable solution.

The task of solving this disaster will require creating coalitions of insightfully humanitarian countries. Their role will be to go the source of collective misery, not only deal with the overflow. Lawrence Kohlberg, a psychologist who pioneered work in moral development, posited that there are missions that go beyond the rules. Humanitarian missions would go beyond the rules of international law and would intervene in States that violate the laws of human decency.

Sadly, we’ve buttressed our borders without a coherent solution as to what caused the massive migration. We’ve added to the misery of people who we see as a threat. We’ve separated them from their children and have left them languishing in tent cities. We are accruing a huge karmic debt.

Finally, there seems to be the start of recognition, at least in supporting rebellion in Venezuela. People don’t leave their home countries unless those countries have become uninhabitable.

Compassion, loving kindness, generosity. Not only for some, but for all.

With love,


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