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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Another Why

tearing paper

The “why list” is growing. Why is bird poop two-toned (in a back blog)? Why are there Q-Tips and plastic dental floss thingies in parking lots? And the most recent: Why is there a pair of crumpled panty hose in a random parking lot?

Today I’m pondering WHY the perforated tear-off portion of our bills is an annoying distance from the fold? Picture it: You unfold your bill and try to tear off the return portion, but it’s maddeningly close to the folded part of the bill.

Tell me I have OCD, but couldn’t someone calibrate the perforation ON the fold? It’s small but huge because it means someone wasn’t thinking, didn’t care or worse, is slightly sadistic.

The result is an undecided piece of paper that wanders back and forth between the perforation and the fold.

Ok, I realize my mind operates in hyper-observation mode, sometimes useful and sometimes annoying. But don’t you think these issues culminate and become a tsunami after a while?

As always, comments are welcome… but be compassionate!

Love, Rosanne

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