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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Boris Johnson

Donald Trump & Boris Johnson

Many of us regard current American politics as a dumpster fire. I’m not sure if our friends in the UK have been watching because in the wings over “the pond” is a candidate for Prime Minister named Boris Johnson.

I’m fascinated with the similarities between Misters Trump and Johnson. The two of them standing next to each other would create a vortex, a black hole into which worlds may disappear.

They are both stocky middle-aged men. Johnson is said to be a philanderer, a liar and corrupt to the core. Not coincidentally, his hair appears to have been “styled” with the use of a Mix Master. Sound familiar?

The only solace is a homeopathic principle call a “healing crisis.” Fevers peak before true healing occurs. If this bizarre landscape is the purging of an infection, I hope what lies ahead is health and prosperity.

For now, we’re running a fever and sweating under the sheets.

With love,Rosanne

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