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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Change of Seasons

Fall moon behind the leaves

We humans are tied to our senses, so the subtleties of shifting energy sometimes escape us. We’re in the process of the seasons changing, the days shortening a darkness descending.

We are made of stardust! The expansive Universe seems far away and irrelevant. Our own star is 93 million miles away and still provides life sustaining energy. Why do we think that remote forces such as electromagnetic shifts during the seasons don’t affect us as well?

When agrarian rhythms dictated activity, things slowed down after the harvest. Fall would be that season, and Winter was the time to rest, go within and rejuvenate. We don’t respect those rhythms in these technology-driven days and drive ourselves through the season, as well as through day-night rhythms. We wonder about the melancholy of Winter and the sleep disturbances some of us suffer.

Respect your body’s rhythm and be gentle. Listen to the subtle messages it speaks and embrace its wisdom. When it says “less,” don’t do more thinking you know better.

Let’s move consciously through the dimming of the light and bring light from within.

With love, Rosanne

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