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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Global Warming

Polar bear afloat due to global warming

Who convinced us that we’re the superior species? And who said subjective thinking was all that and a bag of chips!?

The Buddhists say that the thinking mind is most functional when it’s the servant of consciousness and does a really poor job when our thoughts rule us. Observing the rationale these days exhibited by people in high places, it’s clear that the mind can distort reality. Is there a higher truth, or is it all subject to interpretation? When it comes to irrefutable facts, such as melting polar icecaps, wildfires, arid soil, sea levels rising along with rising temperatures, the interpretation may be inconvenient, but it’s pretty clear.

We’re being forced to look at realities beyond convenience and beyond ourselves. Let’s pray that humanity rises to the occasion.

With love,


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