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  • Rosanne Bostonian



There are two places where we can find motivation; one place is to avoid pain. This works, but the problem is that we get locked into finding pain to avoid! In psycho-parlance, this mean “negative bias,” or seeing the world as threatening and our role is to struggle for survival.

We get to our goals, but we are harried and burdened doing so. Chronic stress and dis-ease are byproducts of this motivational source. The pharmaceutical industry thrives, but we don’t!

Then there is the motivational source of seeking fulfillment. This isn’t to say we ignore danger, but the focal length goes beyond negative bias to the transcendent moment of joy. In Buddhist teachings, this is described as “sangha,” or feeling at one with all Creation…rejoicing that we’re made of stardust with all of Creation.

This sounds heady and beyond our human nature, but even glimpses of oneness can be freeing from the grind of avoiding the “bad stuff.”

Motivation to manifest our connection to everything brings an appreciation of ourselves and every sentient being; the antidote to loneliness and endless motivation.

With love,


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