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  • Rosanne Bostonian

It’s all in the details…

If you are like me, you’ve noticed that there are many service failures in our travels these days. On line, during phone interactions and during our shopping experiences it feels like great service is harder to come by. As the pace of life increases, especially in the northeast US, attention to detail is diminished. We tend to move horizontally and superficially through time.

Maybe it’s the attitude that quantity replaces quality? If we do a lot of work we rationalize that we’re productive and pay less attention to the detail and quality of the work. If no one is watching, we can figure out how to get the reward without making an effort. Humans are cunning creatures! Little humans are no less cunning as they realize how to work the system. Paying attention as educators and parents is especially vital.

As our culture becomes more accepting of individuality, lost in the process can be values that bring us all higher. The concept that anything goes doesn’t serve us well. For example simply participating isn’t the same as winning. Showing up isn’t the same as attending to the task at hand in a way that makes a difference. Submitting work that is sloppy and unedited isn’t care about a finished product.

If quality of service and sloppy ways are the result of inattention and unconsciousness, attention and consciousness can be the remedy. The good news is that we humans have neuroplasticity meaning that we can change our ideas through experience. The need to be aware and not rationalize our lack of attention is central to a much needed change. We have to dispose of the raft of excuses and hold ourselves responsible for creating a quality effort in our particular circle.

To accomplish this, we have to internalize the reward system. If WE notice, that is more important than if someone else does. It’s nice to hear we’ve done a good job, but our inner satisfaction and high standard is most important.

When we care about the quality of our effort and attention to detail, the world we touch transforms from ordinary to extraordinary. Multiplied by the number of those who accept this challenge, our life experience will feel connected, conscious and purposeful.

With love, Rosanne


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