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  • Rosanne Bostonian

Broadcasts from Beyond

After my posting last week, many of you took the time to send cards and comment. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a few things to share…

I was walking in front of my house (feeling especially dogless) and asked Toby to send me a sign. In front of my neighbor’s house was a log. I’m including a picture of it, a stylized profile of Toby. There it was before my eyes.

And then there was Nancy Reagan’s funeral. On Friday, waiting for Toby’s ashes to be delivered, I was watching the funeral service for the former First Lady. As they sang, “Coming Home” and “Amazing Grace,” the UPS truck pulled up with Toby’s cremains. Irony… Toby hated the UPS man :)

Universal Intelligence is always broadcasting from levels we don’t understand because we’re stuck in our five senses. Love is what connects us to the invisible.

There are mediums and channelers that connect to other realms and I’ve had animal readings in the past. My late, great dog Lindsey (in a reading after she passed) pictured a well-lit space with tall ceilings where I would work. At the time I worked in a conventional office space and my lease was running out. Lo and behold, I looked at a space around the corner that was the replica of what she described in the reading. My practice exploded after I moved into that beautiful space where I currently run my Reiki practice.

We just need to stay open and not be arrogant enough to block the endless broadcasts of wisdom and possibility that come from invisible realms. The vehicles can be people, animals, or just stillness. I’m a believer in the code… are you?

With love,


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